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Mulberries are among the food that proves beneficial to health. It is beneficial due to its dense nutrient content like Vitamins such as Vitamin A, B1, B2; minerals such as Magnesium , Zinc, Iron and Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. That is the reason why nutrients from mulberries are widely used in health cuisine and herbal medicine for health and functioning of the body system.


Mulberry leaves Tantora uses as raw material are from organic mulberry trees. These mulberry leaves are grown as food for silkworms in Thailand. Tantora’s leave are hygienic and free of chemical residues, thus, very good food for dwarf shrimps.


Tantora Mulberry Leave

Tantora has a fine selection of single mulberry leave which has been air dried to best preserve nutritional content in the leaves.

  1. Natural food for all Dwarf Shrimps
  2. High Minerals, Fiber and Vitamins 
  3. Helps to built Shrimp shell.
  4. Aids the molting process

Nutrient analysis :

  1. Protein 22.60%
  2. Carbohydrate 42.25%
  3. Fat 4.57%
  4. Fiber 24.23%

Usage Instructions

  1. Boil mulberry leaves in hot water for 5-10 minute. Leave them to cool.
  2. Put into the fish tank as food for shrimps.
  3. Replace mulberry leaves every 2-3 days
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