SL AQUA VITALITY – Shrimp-Keeping
For all your shrimp-keeping needs... 
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By SL Aqua

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This product contains a combination of beneficial bacteria and minerals, for aquatic organisms, microbes, algae need ingredients. Increase algae growth and keep survival of shrimp. Long-term use can stabilize water quality, maintaining the tank ecological environment. Keep shrimp health conditions, help digestion, protect the digestive tract, improve feed efficiency.

1. Enhance immunity and enhance the growth rate.
2. Improve the survival rate, strengthen microorganisms.
3. Help increase algae generated.
4. 100%Natural ingredients, no chemical additives.


Size :
MEDIUM  ( 6 pack),1 pack of vitality,please use at tank of 50L-25L of water.

If water of tank less than 20L, please tank outside to soak the 1 pack of vitality 2-3 days, and then put it into the tank.

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