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By Efilwen

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Type of Food: Supplementary Shrimp Food

Feeding: When necessary

Type of Food: Pellet

Size: 40g

Feeding Recommendations: 1 Stick approx 50 shrimps

Efilwen Snowflakes are made from soya bean shells, the soya bean is a growth media for Mycelia which is the vegetative part of fungi. Mycelia contains proteins, amino acids, fats, and other beneficial nutrients for shrimps that aid in the growth and digestion.

Shrimps will be attracted to the snowflakes immediately and start grazing and its quite normal to have left over flakes in the tank. Don't worry this is normal and is completely safe as snowflakes do not pollute the water and the left over's will serve as the media for the Mycelia to grow.

The left over snowflakes will result in constant source of food for the shrimps for weeks. This makes Efilwen snowflakes as an ideal food supplement during over vacations

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