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By Efilwen

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Type of Food: Supplementary Shrimp Food

Feeding: 2-3 Times a Week

Type of Food: Pellet

Size: 30g

Feeding Recommendations: approx 0.5cm Stick for every 10 shrimp

Plant and Animal based protein formula that promotes fast growth, support the development of chitin armour and enhances the immune system.

Spinach, nettle, walnut / birch leaves & peppers are the basic plant components.

Bloodworms and brine shrimp here are the basic components of animal protein.

Brine Shrimps contain a lot of chitin and support the development of chitin armour of invertebrates.

Composition: Spinach, Bachflohkrebse, Stinging nettle, Bloodworm, Paprika, Spirulina, Pollen, Walnut leaves, Dried Artemia, Betaglucans, Birch leaves, Black Cumin.
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