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Type of Food: Supplementary Shrimp Food

Feeding: 2-3 times a week

Type of Food: Pellet

Size: 40g

Feeding Recommendations: approx 0.5cm Stick for every 10 shrimp

Nettle+ contains 100% natural stinging nettles (Urtica Dioica) which is rich in vital substances that achieve health and vitality.

Nettles contain tannins, mineral salts, nutrients, especially vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Nettles have a high content of silicates, which are helpful for a smooth moulting.

Paprika is added as it is rich in vitamin C and carotenoids which gives the shrimps a powerful full color.

Made from 100% natural products without additional flavorings, attractants, preservatives, dyes, additives or artificial added vitamins.

Very all round feed for invertebrates and can be used on shrimp, crabs, snails and catfish


  1. Stinging nettle
  2. Paprika

Ash                     17.3
Crude protein     21.6
Crude fiber         16.3
Crude fat             3.5

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