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The BORNEOWILD MINERUM is a newly developed Mineral based Water Conditioner, specially designed for the keeping and maintenance of a crystal red shrimp tank.

MINERUM contains a rich dose of essential trace elements that helps the shrimp to moult safely and at the same time, strengthen the shell. The mineralized water improves bacterium activities and also benefits all other aquatic lives such as plants and fishes.

MINERUM is acidic base, over dosing may decrease the pH slightly. pH and TDS does not change drastically if you add it in smaller doses on a daily basis.

Dosage instruction:
To prevent any change in pH or TDS, you can safely dose 1-2 drop per 30L per daily.
For weekly dosage after water change, use 1 drop per 10L of water.
Shake before use.

Ca, Cu, P, Co, Mg, Ni, K, Mo, Na, Li, Se, V, Si, W, Ge, Ba, Zn, Ti, Mn, Al, Fe, Cr

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