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Benefits of Alders Cone

  1. Alder Cones are have tannins and humic acids that carry anti fungal and anti bacterial properties
  2. Alder cones help lower pH
  3. They look amazing in your tank.
  4. Good hiding place for young / moulting shrimps
  5. Alder cones can change water a light yellow colour

Note: Alder Cones are much more potent than our Banana & Indian Almond Leaves


Add the alder cones directly to tank in small quantities, as they are potent compared to other tannin products such as catappa leaves etc.


Approx 1-3 cones per 20 Liters

Affects wear off after 1-2 months, but they can be left in the aquarium as a feature.

Size: 30grams


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