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About Us

Hi and welcome to shrimp-keeping.com


My love for aquariums began 30 years ago when my dad brought us our first 4 foot aquarium, it lasted about 1 year year until the fateful day the tank leaked over night and flooded the dining room leaving the fish high and dry. I have kept fish on and off since that day and started getting into shrimps in 2011.


After successfully keeping them for several years naturally i got into selling products (in 2012) that i have been using to keep my shrimps and here we are today.........


Selling started online as a hobby and now become a full time business with help from my wife.


We are located in the small country of Singapore (South East Asia) which btw is not in China


Shrimp-keeping.com team


Simon (ME)

Lynn (Wife)


Contact us:  Sales@shrimp-keeping.com


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