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Marimo Balls (Cladophora)

Benefits of Keeping Marimo Balls in your Aquarium.
  • The marimo moss balls act as a biological filter and remove unwanted ammonia from your aquarium tank
  • Simple drop them in your aquarium and if they float squeeze them gently to remove any air and watch them sink to the bottom.
  • Marimo balls don't cause algae to grow and will help control
  • Minimum maintenance required for the marimo balls
  • Don't require and carbon dioxide (CO2) to promote growth
  • Too Propagate simple cut them into pieces which and they will become spherical over time.

How to Keep Marimo Balls at Home
  • Grow them in tap water at room temperature, change water every 2 weeks
  • If weather hotter than 28 degrees can be located to fridge
  • Photosynthesis will occur in normal indoor lighting conditions or indirect sunlight no need special lighting
  • If marimo ball turns brownish it will recover and but ensure brown patch is not below.
  • Very minimal salt can be added as a suggested remedy.
  • Gentle squeeze the marimo ball in clean water weekly to maintain them.

Parameter:     Stats
Plant Group:     Algae
Difficulty:     Easy
Light Intensity:     Low to High
Water Parameters:     68-86 °F (20- 30°C); pH 6.0-7.5; kH 3-8
Propagation:  by division

Note: Marimo Balls are live plants and they may not be perfect spheres as they grow naturally. You can roll it a bit and squeeze it gently to help it to become rounder, but they have mind of their own on how they will grow. During shipping they will come in a ziploc bag and can survive up to 30 days in the mail and it might be slightly flattened and brown spots might appear but  with  good environment ,with proper sun and water, It will recover in time.
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