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How to Successfully Drip Acclimate Shrimps

Posted on September 10, 2014 by Shrimp-Keeping

Getting your shrimps from your local LFS / Online Shop to your tank is the most stressful time in a shrimp’s life so doing it correctly is important. Previously we have discussed on how to successfully transport shrimps to ensure they reach their location in good health now finally it’s the last step getting them from their original bag into their new home.

Why we need to Acclimate shrimps before placing them in their new home?

Acclimation is important to shrimps as it allows them time to adjust to the temperature and parameters of their new environment. By doing this correctly you will reduce the chances of shock or death of your new shrimps.

Drip acclimation can help reduce shock, as shock will affect shrimps and can lead to a shorter life expectancy, can cause death, causes stress, and chances of not eating. So acclimate shrimps by the drip method is essential to giving your shrimps a chance to survive in their new environment.

How to do the Drip acclimation Method

What you will need:

1 x Cup (to hold the shrimps while acclimating)

1x Aquarium airline tubing

1 x Airline Valve

Step 1: Place your shrimps into a cup with the old water inside and allow enough room in the cup for water to topped up later by 200%. If the cup is smaller be careful the water might overflow and cause potential shrimp loss.

Step 2: Take an airline control valve to one end of your tubing, making sure it is completely open. Now fill the tubing with the aquarium water and then close off the valve.

Step 3: Place the cup with the shrimps on a flat location below the level of the aquarium water. Take the tubing without the airline valve into the aquarium water and fix it firmly with a suction cup. The other end with the airline valve is now placed above the cup with the shrimps inside.

Step 4: Gradually adjust your airline control valve until you have around one drip per second. Allow the water to drip until it is mixed and consists of 1/3 old water and 2/3 aquarium water. The entire process should take anywhere between 1-3 hours.

Step 5: Remove the shrimp from the plastic cup using your net, and then release them into their new tank.

Step 6: Sit back and enjoy your new shrimps


An alternative to making your DIY acclimation kit would be the Ebita Breed Acclimation Kit:

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